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Work Methods

Our teams use AGILE and SCRUM methodologies on ongoing basis to keep the productivity high. Daily stand up meetings and brief Status Position meetings are held. These are done both internally in our teams, as well as with video conferences with your managers and developer teams in your offices.
We work as though our engineers are part of your company, an extension of your IT and development departments. All of our teams are assigned a team leader. The team leader is a hands on team leader who does development as well as code reviews, creates and sends progress reports and manages the development of the team.

All of our personnel have signed extensive NDA agreement and comply to strict confidentiality policies that we enforce and follow closely. We make sure your source codes and products are safe and secure. We protect your property to the fullest degree and have not had a single case of breech over the past 20 years.
You are welcome to visit us at any time and meet and work with our engineers working on your projects.

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