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Business Cases Migration to New Technologies

A globally recognized public company in CRM space (NASDAQ public CRM): Portals, Enhancements & Legacy migration to New Technology

  • Languages and technology used: .NET(C#), PHP, C, C++
  • Windows application using Web servers
  • Client side: 15 projects, 11000 files
  • Server side: 6000 files
  • DB: MySQL (260 tables)
  • Effort: 7 developers 18 months
Armenian Platform works on large number of tasks and code base. Rewritten and migrated such as
  • Database access
  • Database Management and Enhancement
  • CRM Integration with Outlook
  • Mail and contacts synchronization etc.
  • Language – C#, .NET, PHP
  • A dedicated team of developers works on client/server side
  • Another special team of developers works on several client portals managed by the Armenia team.
  • Armenian Platform also performs support and maintenance of the portal and end-user sites and adds new features.
  • Each three months a new version is created to fit our client and their customers’ new requirements.

US base public company, USA CRM Portal, Migration from Old to New Technology

  • Huge old system: ASP VB, was developed in parallel into new system: C#.NET, 100% migration
  • Web application included
  • 5 projects
  • 4700 files
  • DB MSSQL (300 tables and more than 1000 storage procedures)
  • Effort: 13 developers 2 years


  • new technology
  • Rapid Migration
  • modern interface
  • feasible to adding new functionality


  • To migrate the running application
  • To coordinate the work of ASP and ASP.NET pages.


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