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Business Cases Legacy Systems Services

One of the Largest Retail Chains in Europe

  • The project handles the extension of existing keys in legacy systems
  • The application is running on IBM Mainframe machine
  • Developed by Hundreds of developers for over 20 years
  • The application contain 15,000 files
  • Hardware Platform: IBM 390 z/OS
  • Source code: mostly Assembler modules, some COBOL
  • Industry: Retail
  • Environment: TSO
  • All documentation, source codes, headers, in-line help and even variable names are in German

One of the German/Austrian largest Media/Entertainment companies

  • Large legacy system running on IBM Mainframe and other hardware
  • COBOL, Natural, Assembler, Java and other languages
  • All documentation is in German
  • Platform: z/OS
  • Environment: ISPF, SPUFI
  • Database: DB2
  • Volume: 700 tables, million of records and transactions
  • Effort: 6 developers working on Natural/COBOL programming and on database migration, 4 developers on Java development
  • Armenian Platform is developing migration to different solutions adding different components, upgrading existing Natural and COBOL modules with new features to fit the company’s new business requirements.
  • The Natural and Cobol programs are connected with DB2 and contains DB select statements.


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