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Business Case VAX in Mumps

  • Application Support and maintenance work on supply ordering MLII system sites and Managed Operations to maintain servers in 6 countries.
  • Support has been provided on both DEC VAX OpenVMS-based machines and Windows-based PCs

Support includes

  1. Service Requests (problems with hardware and software)
  2. Change Requests (code change)
  3. Severity Levels (affected on response and problem elimination time )
  4. On-call service, 24/7
  5. E-mails, phone calls
  6. First line incident management
  7. Basic operation tasks

Extendia also provides telephone line support to users. Severity 1 (2-4 hours resolution) up to Severity 4 levels are provided. Call-In phone Support is also provided for most hours of the day and weekends.

Extendia has taken over the existing legacy system with minimum documentation, on-line helps, etc. The developers had to examine, analyze, and master the existing system with minimum or no help from previous coders/programmers, to investigate ways to approach the target, document the system for both Maintenance and Code Development and updates, make a functional specification and create a program to implement code modifications.



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