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IT outsourcing cost-card

The engineering resources engaged in projects fall in five seniority levels of experience. These levels are:

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5

Each seniority level has its cost. Costs are based on per diem (daily) cost and monthly costs. We remain flexible to organize a plan that fits the client’s needs.

We also perform “Fixed Cost” projects. Estimates are given prior to start of projects.

When a client asks us to add engineering resources on a project, we propose to them the candidates which best fit that need. Such resources are first take tests and are qualified by our HR and Engineering Hiring staff, and then proposed to the client. If a client request, we also administer the client’s own tests or technical assessment sessions with such resources. The client is also offered to interview such candidates either by phone or video conference (Skype or VPN, or other live interview means). Only after the client has fully met and interviewed and accepted the candidate, we engage such resource to the project.

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